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Traditional Spices in Market

About Us

What gives taste to a dish...undoubtedly it's your love ...this one amazing ingredient changes the whole story and for rest you could rely on us...we are Uttam Rasoi Spices. Our spice range is the outcome of passion for cooking and taste of our co founder Neelam Sharma whose recipes are winning hearts on her YouTube  channel (Indian Youtuber Neelam)


At Uttam Rasoi Spices, High quality handpicked  exotic ingredients are ground together to provide a perfect blend of aroma, colour and taste to all your dishes.


Curated with love, patience and expertise, we bring you our range of spices that include PAV BHAJI Masala, CHOLE Masala, BIRYANI Masala and GARAM MASALA...that'll not only enhance the taste, colour and aroma of your dishes but also increase your love for cooking because every time you'll make an awesome tasty dish it will bring you loads of praise and happiness.


Join us in our journey of taste, colour and aroma....we promise that you'll never regret your decision.

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